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Saturday, May 1, 2010

We've Moved!

A new day...a new Brew!  Blogger is too tiny to contain us Witches, so we pooled our pennies and bought our own isht!

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Friday, April 30, 2010

Will You Watch?: Naomi Campbell on Oprah

Oprah is on a roll these days… first Todd Bridges, then John Edwards’ mistress and now this. Supermodel phone thrower Naomi Campbell will sit down with Oprah on Monday to talk about her life, her love and her diva antics.

Naomi even signs Oprah’s “no phone zone” pledge… and she agrees not to toss her cell phone at people’s heads anymore.

The interview airs Monday, May 3rd.

So, will you watch?

Taste The Brew for a clip.

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Meredith Vieira Says "Oh Sh!t" On Live TV

Today marks Oprah's "National No Phone Zone Day." It's her campaign to get people to stop using their cell phones when they're behind the wheel. To mark the day, The Today Show did a live simulation of what happens when you're distracted by a cell phone when you're driving. Meredith Vieira was behind the wheel... when this happened...


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Splitsville: Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry

Halle Berry is single... again!

Halle and her beau, model Gabriel Aubry have split! Halle reportedly went to a divorce lawyer (hmmm, were they marrried?) three weeks ago to find out about a custody arrangement for their 2 year old dauther Nahla. But, no long term plans have been made yet.

Halle and Gabriel worked out a "very short-term custody arrangement," TMZ reports. Sources say Halle and Gabriel are "working well together" and are handling parental duties without conflict.

Ya know, I'm beginning to wonder if Halle Berry can make it work with anybody!


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Thursday, April 29, 2010

What’s Brewing?

Idris Elba covers JET Magazine – Gossip On This

Steve Carell quitting The OfficeStarpulse

Bobby Brown is NOT dead – Dime Wars

Usher is NOT engaged (and he hasn’t knocked anybody else up…so he says) – E! Online

Erykah Badu pleads not guilty in disorderly conduct case – Perez Hilton

LL Cool J wants to help you work on your fitness – AllHipHop

Eminem has words for Roethlisberger – ESPN

Hmm…lots of man-news today, with Erykah tossed in for good measure.  Happy reading!

Image via JET

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Brew Tube: Sandra Bullock’s Baby Speaks!

This has made my life!

Image via People
Spotted @ AverageBro

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Brew Quotes: Sheila Johnson

“Don’t even get me started. I don’t watch it. I suggest to my kids [a 20-something daughter and a college-age son] that they don’t watch it… I’m ashamed of it, if you want to know the truth.”
-Sheila Johnson's thoughts on BET, the network she co-founded with former husband Bob Johnson.

Johnson was in New York this week for the Tribeca Film Festival to promote The Other City, a documentary she produced about the AIDS epidemic in Washington, DC. Johnson said BET is making things worse by contributing to the spread of AIDS by promoting promiscuity in its videos.

Hmmmmmm...having a "heart" now, after you've built your riches?


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Toni Childs Got A Job

Former Girlfriends star Jill Marie Jones has landed a new gig. On the heels of the TBS "micro-series" My Manny, Jones has landed her own mini-show called Gillian in Georgia. Her character is described as a "hip, single New Yorker who visits her family in a small town in Georgia."

Soul Food star and "Ain't no lie, bye bye bye" dance moves guy Darrin Henson will play Jones' love interest. 

The "micro-series" is sponsored exclusively by Chevy Malibu, which will be prominently featured in the show. Interesting.

The show runs Wednesdays during Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns.

So, will you watch?

Image via Clutch Mag

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The Video Banned By YouTube

M.I.A.'s new video for "Born Free" is too hot for YouTube! The video doesn't have any booty-poppin'...instead, it has (gasp) a political message! Well, there is a smidge of nudity but not the kind you really wanna see.  Anyway, Tuesday, YouTube yanked the so-called "real and explicit version" of "Born Free" from its site (but you can still find uploads from some crafty M.I.A. fans). YouTube claims the vid violated its rules which "prohibit content like pornography or gratuitous violence."

In the video, soldiers raid a building and arrest a young man, who's been singled out for arrest because of his hair color...basically, it's genocide for redheads.. The man (and his fellow prisoners) are then put in a concentration

Heaven forbid a video should actually have a message or a point of view that isn't simply looking out a Maybach window.

So, offensive? Too graphic? Too controversial?

What's your call?

And BTW, if you lost the actual words of the song while watching the video, here are the lyrics.


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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Divorce Lawyers Having The Best Year Ever

First, I thought jumpoffs were having the best year ever. But, perhaps I need to take that back. Because of the jumpoff, divorce lawyers are having the best year. Ya see, the jumpoff opens the door for the divorce. Now, may jumpoffs may assume they are getting the goods because they’re humpin’ a celebrity. But, noooo, that payday is not guaranteed. You might just get a hump in the parking lot and a Subway sandwich.  Just ask one of Tiger’s hooors. But, it’s the divorce lawyer that has a surefire payday.

You can add Ginny Barber’s lawyer to the next in line for a nice lil lawyer payday. Ginny is the wife of former NFL star Atiim Kiambu Hakeem-Ah "Tiki" Barber (but you know him as Triflin’ Tiki). Word is Tiki was shocked Ginny went on ahead and filed the papers because it was ahead of their plans. Hmmm, I bet she was “floored” to learn about your peen-dipping too, huh, Teekster? Surprise! A source says the couple agreed no papers would be filed "until after their babies were born." Ginny is currently preggers with twins. Perhaps Ginny decided to file after spending time in the hospital while her hubby was out carousing with his young blonde. Eh? Despicable.

Next in line for divorce (perhaps)? Elin Nordegren, who reportedly recently learned her hubby, Tiger, had 121 affairs during their marriage.  Nice. *sarcasm*


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The list and the double standard

Our readers know how much the Witches love Dhani Jones and his tangy taco meat! The Travel Channel host recently gave his "boo breakdown" to Shade 45's Angela Yee and a lot of people are talking about it:
quick-witted, yet possesses a calming motherly quality
speaks languages
tall, slender (but she can be a little bit thicker)
great background
maybe light brown/olive complexion/mixed background
huge heart
creative soul
stands firm behind her man (but not in front, perhaps beside)
long hair; no weave
incredible hands
insatiable eyes
wants a huge family
can talk to a homeless person or a wealthy person
she can play in the mud in the morning and go to a black tie event at night
she’s ok on her own but she loves her man; and independently wealthy helps

Um,'s long and truthfully gave my friends pause, but we women have our own mental checklists that can be just as complex and tedious. So why then when a guy is honest about his requirements, we get a bit offended?  Why the double standard?

BTW hands are a little rough, but I'm fluent in Hoodrat and Pig Latin, my eyes are insatiable when I'm hungry and I am tall when I stand next to a "little person". Can you work with that?


Brew's Gotta Have Gadgets Gone Green

There's not much that I like more than Internet purn an entire bottle of twist cap wine laying up with mah boo chocolate dipped in chocolate with a side of chocolate chased with chocolate laying up with mah other boo anything sustainable and ANYTHING CUSTOM. Bespoke items say 'Hey, Bama, I'm way more stylish and creative and just THAT more awesome, than your off the rack, buying 'as is' bargain basement bum arse!'* And I love that.

These bamboo iPhone covers are an awesomely earthy counterpart to your hightech baby.
And the best part - you, can design your own. They also have some pre etched, for the more stick figure gifted among us. LOVE. @ GROVE MADE

*(The only thing Kanye and I agree on...well that and my Ambah Rose...*swoon*)


Brews Gotta Have Gadgets

I am always looking for ways to pimp my iPod. Luckily the people over iHome want my money as much as I love throwing it away.

Check these out:

The Capsule speaker- Compact speaker extends for surprisingly big sound for your iPod, iPhone, laptop or any MP3 player through the headphone jack. Features a long lasting built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery- measures at less than 3 inches! (Much like this unfortunate dude I used to date...)

Speaker jacket: iHM12 portable speaker case from iHome. Lightweight, water resistant speaker features flat panel NXT speaker technology and keeps your iPod/MP3 player safe with its splash proof case. Interior mesh pocket holds your player and connects through the headphone jack.

Both available at my fave site: Flight 001

At this rate I will be serving ALL you fools this summer!


I Met a Real Life Porn-lebrity!

So this witch went to Miami for some funnin in the sun over the weekend and because it's Miami of course you will upon several celebrities, some of my crew saw Eva Pigford (I have no idea what this Marcielle mess is cause her last name used to be Pigford and that's what I'm sticking to!), Warren Sapp (who smiled at me in the airport, even though no one else saw him but me, but fa real he couldn't take his eyes off me he was staring so hard...... seriously, fa real..... he wanted me bad). Then we met some kinda soca/trini rock star in Wet Willie's but none of us know who he is so he doesn't count but he was waaaaay cute!

But the bestest person that I happened upon was the Negro porn lady, Skyy Black. We were just sitting outside people watching and I happened to glance to my right and I saw her sitting there. Now I'm pretty passionate about my porn so I instantly recognozed her but I had to confirm with my equally classy but nassy lil sis that it was in fact her and she confirmed that it was. So I coyly asked "scuse me, what's your name?" and she responded ever so gingerly "Skkkyyyyy", hot damn! So I then said "oh wow, I thought that was you, we love your work!". She thanked us and said it made her feel really good to get compliments, especially from women. She's gotten a little chunky in her donkey but she still pretty much looks the way she looks in her feature films.

I was tempted to go over and shoot the chit with her but I have a tendency to get myself in some nutball situations so I felt it best that I just stay seated where I was. Next time I hope it's Mr. Marcus, whooooo weeeeee!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 26 Member Comes Out The Closet?

Day 26 member Robert decided to announce that he's gay on Twitter... then, I reckon he changed his mind, cuz he deleted that mofo along with his whole dang page.  But, the folks over at BeStylistik caught it, as did the 50-11 million other people on Twitter who retweeted the announcement.

I'm sure someone over at Bad Boy or wherever these dudes sing now, will say this was a Twitter hacking or something. Anyway, are you surprised at this news?

I wonder if "Junebug" did it...