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Witches' Brew: Brew Wrap-Up: 2009 Year In Review

Monday, December 28, 2009

Brew Wrap-Up: 2009 Year In Review

2009 was a year of firsts (first Black president and first Brew posthey, we’re shameless pluggers around these parts), a year of come-ups and falls from grace.  And, sadly, a year of untimely deaths.

As 2009 comes to a close, let’s take a look back…

Falls From Grace

·      Chris Brown: beating up Rihanna then complaining on Twitter that no one wants to sell your new album qualifies you for King of the Cornball Corner.
·      Tiger Woods: you could have cheated with the Queen of Zamunda.  Instead, you pick the bar maids.  WTF?
·      Joe Wilson: who shouts at the President? But “You Lie!” does have a certain ring to it…especially when you’re in a work meeting.  #justsayin
·      Plaxico Burress: serving jail time for shooting yourself? I think Plaxico translates to “what a dumass” in Swahili.
·      Kanye West: he stole little Taylor’s moment then went AWOL.  But I think everything this man does is part of an elaborate plan so his “fall” really isn’t much of a fall at all.  Stay tuned…


·      Michael Jackson
·      Walter Cronkite
·      Patrick Swayze
·      Naomi Sims
·      Farrah Fawcett
·      Ed McMahon
·      Percy Sutton
·      Sen. Ted Kennedy
·      Steve McNair
·      Mr. Magic
·      DJ AM
·      Chris Henry
·      Wayman Tisdale
·      Natasha Richardson
·      E. Lynn Harris
·      Billy Mays

Come Ups

·      Barack Obama: well duuuuh… he “came on up” all the way to the White House and the Nobel Peace Prize.
·      Mo’Nique: okay, so she has a volume problem and doesn’t realize she shouldn’t yell when she’s wearing a microphone.  But, her performance in Precious was one of the best acting jobs of the year.  “Precious…take yo azz to da wellfayah!”  Classic.
·      Taylor Swift: country music fans knew who she was… the rest of us probably didn’t, until Kanye West happened.
·      Lil Mama: who knew (or cared) who the little man was before she jumped on stage with Jay-Z and Alicia Keys at the VMAs?
·      Kim Zolciak’s wig (it’s still a hair hat, but she’s trying.  I guess.)

                      Old                                       New                                 

·      Susan Boyle: 48 year old Scottish singer who’s “never been kissed” sticks it to these young non-pants wearing “singers” to the tune of 3 million units…and counting.
·      Jump-offs (see Tiger Woods)
·      Sonia Sotomayor: first Latina Supreme Court Justice makes more waves on the high court in four months than Clarence Thomas has done in 18 years.
·      Twitter: a social watering hole that allows “celebs” to amass a following and think they’re more important than they are.  Sadly, more news seems to be broken via Twitter than the real “news” these days. (Oh, and follow us @lawitchesbrew if you aren’t already… another shameless plug)
·      The Kardashians: we have a blog ban on these chicks.  But you can’t deny, these broads were everywhere in ’09.
·      Glee: the FOX show made it hip to sing show tunes.
·      Whitney Houston: the voice is still a wee bit shaky, but she’s back and at least she’s trying.  After all, she could look like this still…

Just Go Away…Already

·      Stories about why smart, cute, 30-something Black women aren’t married.  Ok, we get it.  We live it.  Thanks.
·      Octomom
·      The Gosselins
·      Frankie & Neffe (mainly Frankie)
·      “Rappers” whose lyrics don’t add anything to the social discussion (looking at you Soulja Boy)
·      Sarah Palin

What tops your list of events for 2009?  Be they infamous, heart-warming or scandalous, leave your 2009 re-cap in the comments section!

Here's to a more peaceful and prosperous 2010!

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At Tuesday, December 29, 2009 at 11:25:00 AM EST , Blogger Shawn Smith said...

A vast majority of the "reality" shows. Wish they would go away.


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