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Witches' Brew: October 2009

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Celebrity Love Letter: Uh, Can We Talk, Malcolm-Jamal Warner?

Excuse me, Theo. You got some 'splainin' to do. When did you become this fine? When did your man-sexy switch turn on? I mean, you were always cute and all, Malcolm-Jamal Warner. But DAYUM!

I could do without some of the man-jewelry, but hey, I can compromise.

Holla at me, Theo.  I'm so serious.


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Brew Bits: Only In New York

(Audio NSFW)

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Brew News: T-Boz Talks About Her Battle With Cancer

T-Boz discusses her brain tumor on the Early Show, on CBS. I swear, I have so much respect for her upbeat attitude. She's just as pretty on the inside.
But damn, how much is one woman 'sposed to take?


Brew PSA: Fall Back

Don't forget to roll your clocks back an hour at 2 am Sunday (tonight).  That'll give you an extra hour of sleep tonight (or an extra hour of work if you're on the graveyard shift... sucks!).  Don't worry daylight lovers, daylight-savings time will be back March 13th.

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Brew Fashion: Get Your "Swirl" On

Ain't nothin' like a good sample sale.  The trouble is, finding them.  Unless you're in the inner circle, know the password and knock three times.

Hip, in-the-know site DailyCandy hopes to fix that with the launch of Swirl.  All of the items on the new sample sale site will be selected by DailyCandy's editors, so you won't have to wade through any junk.  Swirl will offer deals up to 80% off.  Now, that's what I'm taumbout!  The site is in beta mode right now.  It's set for a soft launch on November 16th and a real launch in January 2010.

Swirl membership is exclusive to DailyCandy members for the beta launch.  So head to the website to sign up.

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Brew Bits: A New York Moment

After watching the Jay and FIHW (Fine Azz Home Wrecka) Keys' video I started getting home sick. REAL homesick. And I remembered this fine moment in local NY news. I LOVE YOU SUE SIMMONS! New Yorkers even curse with more gusto (and half ass apologize for it)! Gah, I miss home!

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Shoe by Fendi

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Harpo, Who Dis Woman?

Lil Kim has gone from this... this...


Photos: Andrew Southam

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Will You Watch?: Rihanna To Tell Her Story

Rihanna is expected to "tell her story" all over ABC News next week. First, she'll chop it up with the folks on Good Morning America Thursday (I don't watch that show... my heart belongs to Matt Lauer), then she'll have a sit-down on 20/20 Friday.

Has anyone ever had this girl on for a "real" interview though, not just to premiere a video or talk about music. It seems she's been kept hidden a lot through her career, like there's nothing all that interesting for her to talk about. But, since the beatdown incident, I'm sure she's got lots to say (we hope). Can she string a thought together though? Most times, I just look at her to see what she's wearing or what her hair is doing. I forgot she actually speaks though. Should be interesting.

So, will you watch?

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Brew Music News: Solange Dropped!

Tough break for Solange Knowles. She got dropped from Interscope/Geffen Records. Rumors of the impending drop had been circulating since April, causing both Solange and her crazy daddy fathager Mathew Knowles to shyt bricks, saying their relationship with the record company was "very much in place."

Well, not so much anymore. The label dropped Solange in the Spring. She's still recording music for her third album but she's got no new deal, although her people are putting a cherry on the story, saying:
"Solange felt it necessary to go with a smaller, independent label that focuses more on the alternative genre, one that reflects her music style and artistry. Solange is working on a new album and the label will be announced shortly."
Hope it works out for Solo. She's the Knowles sister you'd actually want to get your drank on with.


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Brew Music Video: Jay-Z + Alicia Keys - "Empire State of Mind"


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Brew Awwww!: Halloween Puppies

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Brew Foodie: Rachael Ray Giving Away Meals

Rachael Ray plans to give away Thanksgiving meals.  I'm no fan of the yum-o lady but she has a good heart.  Ray plans to cook a large Thanksgiving dinner for the people of Wilmington, Ohio on November 8th.  The city lost thousands of jobs when delivery company DHL Express left town.  Ray says she can't fix the economy but she can do her part to help the people.

Anyone wanting tickets must sign up online and will have to show identification proving they live in the Wilmington zip code.

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Shyne Back In Belize [VIDEO]

Diddy's favorite bodyguard Shyne is back in his native Belize and there's video of his arrival.

These Belize people are beautiful.  I'm trying to go.  Somebody send me a plane ticket.

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Brew Music News: Jay-Z Claps Back

Jay-Z has some words about the whole Beanie Sigel "Average Cat" situation.  Check the vid:

Makes sense to me.  On to the next...

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Brewchies At The Movies: "This Is It"

Thirty minutes ago I had one of the best cinematic experiences of my life.  I saw "This is It" for the first of what I'm certain will be many times to come.  I bought my tickets online weeks before the film even opened, mainly because I'm lazy and don't like to wait, but I was also scared that they'd sell out and I'd miss my chance to see the film on the big screen.  I'm also one of those go big or don't go at all types, so if the tickets go on sale early, I stalk the website and am first in line to buy mine.  I know.  It's a problem and I'm fully aware I have it.

When I arrived at the theatre, I was giddy yet cautious not to let my tissues get too far away from me.  All week long I'd thought this would be a great piece of cinema but one that would leave me in tears, thinking about how sad Michael Jackson's demise was.  Or, how pitiful his final days were.  Boy, was I wrong.  Each moment of this film took me back to 1985, or 1990, or a school dance, or an awards show.  I thought about where I was when I saw him perform Billie Jean for the first time on TV, or how the Motown 25 VHS tape still lives in my grandparents' house even though both of them are long gone.

Each song took me to exactly where I was when I first heard it.  I was captivated and awed by the sheer genius of Michael and the people with which he surrounded himself.  The ideas they crafted.  The way they recreated the major videos in Jackson's catalog, giving them a modern feel but staying true to the classics we all love.  Can you imagine what a 3D Thriller would have looked like?  Well, I can now.

I didn't cry (although things got a little shaky during Earth Song and Man In The Mirror), nor did I wallow too long in pity or sadness.  I left the theatre -not saddened- but reminded how brilliant this man was.  I left the theatre wanting more but yet satisfied that I'd had him in my life for 30+ years.  I even left the theatre wanting to recycle more!  (You'll get it once you see it)

So, don't be sad for MJ.  Don't mourn for MJ.  Mourn for us if we don't heed his warnings about healing the world.  Mourn for us if we don't stop to appreciate the love we all have in our lives... the love he tried to share with the world.  Mourn for us if we don't walk out those theatre doors with a bop in our heads, a song in our hearts and a glide in our steps.

That was it for him.  But, this film reminds us, it doesn't have to be for the rest of us.

Thanks MJ!


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Friday, October 30, 2009

Brew News: Obama Lifts HIV/AIDS Travel Ban

President Obama continues to move us out of the dark ages. Mr. O lifted the 22 year long travel ban that kept HIV+ people and those with AIDS from entering the country.

The President called it a "step that will encourage people to get tested and get treatment [and] it's a step that will keep families together, and it's a step that will save lives."

The US was the first nation to impose the ban - which was largely based on fear. The President went on to day that "if we want to be the global leader in combating HIV/AIDS, we need to act like it!"

Obama also signed the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act of 2009, which gives a 5% annual increase in federal support over the next four years for HIV/AIDS treatment for underinsured, low-income Americans.

Hats off to the Prez!


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Brew News: Teachers Fight Over Man... In Front Of Students

Dear Lord,

Help your children.

A Facebook love letter caused two teachers at a Georgia middle school to rumble in front of their students.  32 yr. old Shaka Cobb says she's pregnant by another teacher at the school. She snooped in his Facebook account and found a love letter from another school employee, 25 yr. old Ebony Smith.

Cobb send a nasty message to Smith and when they got to school on Monday, oh it was on like popcorn.  8th graders watched as the two women cussed each other out, threw punches and threatened to post the Facebook message for the entire school to read.

Both teachers are on paid administrative leave, facing charges of disorderly conduct. Smith's also accused of battery because she started the fight.

Facebook is de debbil! 

White Jesus would definitely not approve. 



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Harvard To Teach "The Wire" Class

One of the nation's most prestigious universities is keeping it hood! Harvard University will include a course on the HBO series, "The Wire." Sociology Professor William Wilson will teach the course to help students better understand poverty. Wilson says “The Wire has done more to enhance our understanding of the systemic urban inequality that constrains the lives of the poor than any published study.”

Now, if Idris Elba makes an appearance on campus I might have to reconsider another degree.

And... (in other "Wire" news)... "The Avon Barksdale Story: Legends Of The Unwired" will be released on DVD in March 2010. The film won Best Docudrama at this year's NY International Independent Film & Video Festival. It tells the true story of Nathan Avon "Bodie" Barksdale, who was played by Wood Harris in the HBO series. Barksdale says "The Wire" was just one long commercial for the film about his real life.


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Brew Music News: Beanie Goes At Jay-Z

I sure didn't see this one coming. Beanie Sigel is going hard on Jay-Z. In his new song, "Average Cat," Beans accuses Mr. Carter of leaving him high and dry in his time of need, says he's got some dirt that could mess up his marriage and Beanie even goes so far as to say Jay is in cohoots with the Feds.

How it feel to get exposed?/Don't you feel naked?/I was a fly on the wall, shit I witnessed/ I can say shit that will make B look at you different.

Dayummmmm, Beans! 7 minutes of a diss song! Wow. I wish he'd write a song about taking a shower though.

Read more at MTV.

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Oprah Doing Double Talk On Domestic Violence?

One alleged domestic violence victim says Oprah isn't practicing what she preaches. Oprah took an anti-Chris Brown stance after the beating of Rihanna back in February: doing a show about violence and talking about the Chris-Rihanna situation on several programs. But now, the former wife of gospel star BeBe Winans says Oprah isn't remaining true to her anti-domestic violence stance.

Winans appeared on Oprah this month with his sister CeCe to sing and promote their new album. BeBe was also accused of shoving his wife back in February (did I miss a memo...was February smack a chick month?). Debra Winans claims BeBe shoved her to the ground in front of their children. But that didn't stop Oprah from having him on her show. Debra told TMZ she's "hurt by Oprah's decision to have Bebe on the show" -- especially after she refused to have Chris Brown on the show after the Rihanna incident.

BeBe's domestic violence charge is pending until a court date next year.

Oprah's people aren't talking.

So, what's your call?


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Things Negroes Like: Halloween Candy Edition

Halloween season is upon us! Time is ticking away if you haven’t gotten your candy game up to par. Don’t puss out and be the only house on the block giving out raisins and apples to the little demons who knock on your door. Here’s what you need to buy if you’re blessed to live amongst the Negro children.

Now and Laters Now'laters (keep it real)

This is the nectar of the Negro child. Sweet, yet sour and totally portable, never messy. I remember when a dollar would get you a month’s supply of these things. If you don’t have them in your candy stash tomorrow night, you might get egged.


You’ll find us colored aren’t much for an abundance of chocolate. Oh, we like the chocolate, don’t get me wrong. But we’ll take a handful of Nerds to give us that sugar rush that makes that untreated cavity hurt any day over a Snicker bar.


These are currency in the Black community. You could use a box of these to trade instead of cigarettes if you’re in the clink.


If they made these in an IV liquid drip, we’d find a way to attach ourselves to one and still go to work.

Peppermint Patty/Kit Kats/Twix/Snickers

I always found the bougie, more affluent houses had these chocolate treats. So plant yourself in a tree-lined, gated community (oh come on, you know how to get past the gate) and get you some premium chocolate!

 Candy Corn

I dunno about you, but in my hood, the people who gave out candy corn got toilet papered. Candy corn is right up there with the marshmallow peep. What’s its point?

Happy Halloween! 

Brew public safety announcement: You know the Negro children will dress in all black and pass it off as a ninja costume, so be safe and don’t run ‘em over.


Brew Fashion (I think?): Steve Harvey Wants To Dress You

First, Steve Harvey told you how to snag a man. Now, he wants to teach you how to dress. Harvey announced on his radio show this morning that he’s prepping a line for women. He expects the collection to be finished next year.

Meanwhile, he’s already got some duds picked out for you fellas. Harvey is selling 2 and 3 button suits at JC Penney (online and at about 75 stores). Harvey says the 4 and 5 button suit will soon be dead (who does he think he is...Tim Gunn?), so you’d better jump on it and cop one of his creations.

The suits are actually affordable and not bad-looking at all.  They run about $179 max. And you can buy them in separates instead of just the complete suit (that’s to accommodate those thickums who are big up top and small on the bottom...or vice versa. Man hips!).

Click here to check out his shiny suits.

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BREW Bits: Mos Meltdown

In other "news" Mos Def loses his shit at LAX, while random people take out their video cameras to tape it. Errybody wanna be TMZ.

Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.

Personally, I love how his friend gently rests the calming powers of his peen on his back to soothe him. No judgements at the Brew. (His friend is cute, holla!)


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Brew Fashion: Boot Bonanza!

I love Fall.  The smell, the wind, the leaves, the crisp air.  Yeah, all that stuff is great.  But what really excites me are the fashion options!  Nothing screams Fall like a hot pair of new boots.  This season, you can still rock those ankle booties or you can step it up with the over-the-knee boot that was on just about every runway.

Ankle Boots
Nine West "Phantom" peep toe ankle boot ($99)

Over-the-Knee Boots

Taste The Brew for more over-the-knee options.

Read more »

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Brew Health: Eat Your Greens, Baby

Nothing reminds me of home more than Grandma's greens.  But who has time to clean, pick, marinate, simmer and toss a hog bone in greens anymore?  But, you still need those nutrients though (well, not the hog bones).  Enter, Greens First.  It's a megablend powder that contains super foods, organic fruits, veggies, fiber and other good stuff that'll move yo' bowels.  It's sweetened with a touch of stevia and mint, so you can mix it with water or toss it in your morning smoothie blend without getting the gags.  One serving of Greens First equals a day's serving of fruits and vegetables.

Brew disclaimer: Holla at your doctor before adding any supplements to your routine.  And don't blame us if you get the poops.


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Brew Bits: Empire State of Mind

We can all relax now. Jigga and that fine ass home wrecka performed their hit "Empire State of Mind" before game 2 of the World Series. This is one of my favorite songs off the Blueprint 3. I just wish she wasn't so color coordinated though. Not feeling the thigh highs, still sippin' mai-tai, sitting courtside Knicks and Nets give me high fives...
Peep it!

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Alec Baldwin's Daughter EATS Lil Wayne!

Alec Baldwin's daughter, Ireland (you know, the one he called a rude, thoughtless little pig), celebrated her 14th birthday with a cake made to look like Lil Wayne's head.  Well, sorta.  It's made with chocolate sunglasses and licorice hair.  But don't li-li-li-li-lick it too much.  It might impregnate you with dreadlocked spawn, get you slizzured off some sizzyrup and make you want to kiss your "father" in the mouth.

But why does it say "Wade" though? 


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Oprah Rules The World!

Oprah has the magical, mythical powers to give away cars, kitchens, free chicken and now she can hook up your feet.

Designer Christian Siriano was a guest on Oprah today and at the end of the show, they announced a deal with Payless just for Oprah's loyal viewers.  We've told you about Christian's shoe line for Payless, now you can get it for 50% off!  The special Oprah offer is 50% off your entire purchase at Payless.  The promotion is valid through store hours on Friday, October 30th.  Click here to get the coupon.

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Brew News: Yes We Can!!! Be A Disney Princess Parade-ster

Princess Tiana arrives with fanfare at Disney World. This is so awesome. I remember pretending that Snow White was just lightskinddeded or some kinda Creole, when I was a kid. It's good to know that, now, little black girls don't have to play mind tricks with themselves into thinking they can be princesses too. As I grew got into my pre-teens, I realized that the goal of princess was a pretty lame ass one to aspire to-- but shouldn't little black girls have the option of being as lame as little white girls? That's called leveling the playing field, baby!
Personally, I'd really prefer any daughter of mine to want to be a super shero!

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Brew Music: Jay-Z, Rihanna, 50 Cent, Robin Thicke + Missy

Jay-Z & Alicia Keys - "Empire State of Mind" (teaser)

Rihanna - "Slower To Heal"

Click here to listen.

50 Cent - "So Disrespectful"

Click here to take a listen to Fiddy.

Taste The Brew for Robin Thicke and Missy Elliott.
Read more »

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