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Witches' Brew: February 2010

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Breaking Brew: Hip Hop Legend In Coma

Some breaking news from the hip hop world:

Gang Starr's lead voice, Guru, suffered a heart attack this weekend.  The 43 year old is now in a coma.

Hip hop heads remember Guru for writing tracks like "Words I Manifest" and "Just To Get A Rep." The Gang Starr duo included the equally legendary DJ Premier but the two parted ways back in 2004 due to creative differences.

Here's some classic Gang Starr. Our prayers are with Guru!


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Bill Cosby Pops Off, Son!

Clearly, you should not piss off The Cos.

Heathcliff Bill Cosby was talking about parenting in the Black community (isn't he always talking about that?) when his publicist interrupted and didn't get the kind of PR she was hoping for...

Well, lady. Have a "Coke and a smile and..."

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Brew Music: Prince – “Cause and Effect”

Prince is back (does he ever really leave though?) with some new music. “Cause and Effect” debuted today on a Minnesota radio station. The song sounds a lot like vintage Prince… which means, it may be a lot to take in, so give it a spin, breathe, then listen again.

I’m a fan of this line… “If you stamp your passport full of regret/you’ll have nothing to remember but a lot to forget.”

Anyway, you likey?

That picture is killing you softly though, right?

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Brew Music News: Maxwell & Jill Scott On Tour... TOGETHER!

I don't think you understand the sheer joy that filled my body when I opened up my innawebs and read this next one. I once had this feeling before, but there was chocolate involved. Anyway...

Maxwell and Jill Scott are going on a 20-city U.S. tour this Spring. It kicks off in Cleveland this May and will run through June.

Among the cities to be graced by these two...
  • Detroit
  • Indianapolis
  • Chicago
  • St. Louis
  • Seattle
  • Oakland
  • LA
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Atlanta
  • Miami
  • DC
  • Philly
  • NYC
And even more dates are expected to be added.  Check Live Nation for dates and ticket info.

And yes, I will be seeing him...AGAIN.  Don't judge me.

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What’s Brewing?

Coco’s butt crack is too deep for MySpace – dlisted

Beyonce is not feeling these questions – Vibe

Real Housewife caught cheating? – In Case You Didn’t Know

50 Cent employee accused in babymama’s house fire – XXL

Rihanna releasing another album this year – Neon Limelight

John Mayer is still apologizing for being a dumbass – PopEater

Bush & the Tush get all dolled up – Celeb Gossip

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Brew Music: Estelle Helps You Bust A Gut

Estelle’s new techno-friendly jam, “Freak,” is treadmill-worthy… or at the very least, it’s good for that hour you spend getting primped before you go out. The song is off her upcoming album, All of Me. Take a listen.

new !estelle - freak .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

And here’s a little behind the scenes action from the video, which premieres later today.

Are you feeling the blackface?

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Gary Coleman Suffers On-Air Seizure

Say what you will about Gary Coleman’s antics of late, but one thing is clear… this is a sick man. And I don’t mean that in the sense that he’s sick in the head or anything (although, some would argue that). I mean, he’s ill and has been for years. It’s shame many of us (myself included) opt to laugh at him rather than recognize his seemingly frail condition.

Gary suffered an apparent seizure this morning while on the set of "The Insider." TMZ reports he was rushed to the hospital. Dr. Drew Pinsky (who I think is very hot…but that’s beside the point) was reportedly with Gary at the time of the seizure and helped him until the ambulance arrived.

Gary was in the hospital last month after suffering what he called “a little seizure activity.” He also stormed off the set of “The Insider” last week after Lisa Bloom tried to pop-off on him.

Get well Gary!


The White House Is Hiring

Breaking news from the Black White House…

Social Secretary Desiree Rogers is stepping down next month to “explore opportunities in the corporate world."

You’ll recall Rogers took major heat after party crashers walked all up into the Obama’s first State Dinner last year. Rogers is a long time friend of the Obama family, making the trek from Chicago when the president took office.

Well, one thing’s for sure… she can leave me any clothes she doesn’t need, and of course, she can leave me her job. I’m a pretty decent bouncer. I’ll keep the riff-raff out.

Photo: WSJ Magazine

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Twitter Makes It Happen For Erykah Badu

Ok, so maybe Twitter isn’t de debbil. Erykah Badu really needed to clear a Paul McCartney sample for her new album. Erykah used her Twitter peeps to get the word out and in less than 24-hours, the 6-degrees of separation of Twitter sprung into action and got word to McCah’s people.

Clearly, this doesn’t work for normal people though, cuz I’ve been trying to get to Maxwell for years.


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Cougar Alert: Corbin Bleu


Clearly, I'm not watching enough Disney.

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Brew Commentary: Friends or Faux?

Most of us love our girls more than our men, but are you a true friend? We’ve all taken those Facebook “Which Girlfriend Are You?” polls hoping the results say we’re Joan Clayton and not Toni Childs! The truth is though there’s a little Toni Childs in all of us. Don’t agree? Well, do you pull your girl’s coat when she’s sounding a bit “extreme” about her latest plot against her unfaithful ex? Or, do you encourage her to play herself then volunteer to accompany her to do hood rat stuff? Do you suggest she eases up on the Mac forcefield face and Wet Seal wonder outfit that’s too tight, too shiny and too young? Or, do you smile, stay quiet and let her party looking like a Fashion Fair fool? Do you tell your friend when her hair is mess? Or, as long as your hair do is tight you keep mum? There are many layers to friendships; acquaintances, homies, going out girls, besties, but I can’t help but feel that as we grow older all of these purposes should be served by just one good sistahgirl, even if she needs a little guidance and tough love sometimes!


Bling For Your Lady Parts: Va-Jazzling......

Ok I think it's safe to say that I'm obsessed with my love cave.  I LOVE MY VAGI-CAT!!!! whew, there I said it. Now there are those times of the month that I want to beat it like it stole something but the other 22 days or so of the month I love it! I like to get it waxed n buffed n stuff and I always request lil funky designs and lil jazzy vagicat haircuts, my fav right now is the vagi-hawk (no pictures but you can guess what it looks like when it's done). Getting my lady parts in order makes me feel very 'avant garde' if you will so imagine my intrigue when I happen upon "Vajazzling" a new grooming craze that involves a snazzy application of rhinestones and such on or nearabouts your love cave region. How delightful! I'm super excited about this and I will be getting it done on my next trip home to NYC. I don't have a steady right now but how lucky will the next lad I decide to bed be when he sees my blinged out vag?! He mine as well go play the powerball that day, I know I damn sure would if a dude pulled out a diamond encrusted paynus on my ass.

I can't promise pics once I get this done but I'm thinking about it..... stay tuned though. These pics of a blogger having it done gives you a pretty clear illustration. Peep her post here to learn more.

And please watch this video..... hee hee!

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kirstie Alley Wants A Piece Of Jamie Foxx

Kirstie Alley has a booty call crush (does such a thing exist?) on Jamie Foxx. She told Oprah about her crush today and Jamie magically appeared, via satellite, of course. I doubt he’d come to Chicago because Kirstie really might have dry humped him in the middle of Harpo Studios while eating chocolate cake, slugging a Slim Fast and channeling Xenu on one of them Scientology meter things. But I digress… here’s the clip.

Kirstie’s new reality show, “Kirstie Alley’s Big Life” premieres on A&E March 21st at 10 pm (ET).

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Breaking Brew: Andrew Koenig Found Dead

"Growing Pains" actor Andrew Koenig has been found in Vancouver. Sadly though, the outcome is not good. Police found a body in a park today, that they believe is Koenig's.  CNN and TMZ are reporting the body is that of Koenig who went missing around Valentine's Day.

Family members were concerned that Koenig would hurt himself. He reportedly sold all his belongings before he vanished.

Koenig starred as "Boner" in the '80s sitcom "Growing Pains" but struggled to land other jobs after the show ended.

Andrew Koenig was just 41 years old.


UPDATE: Koenig's father, Walter, says Andrew took his own life. So far though, officials are not releasing the cause of death.


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Brew Quotes: Lady Gaga

“I had a boyfriend who told me I’d never succeed, never be nominated for a Grammy, never have a hit song, and that he hoped I’d fail. I said to him, ‘Someday, when we’re not together, you won’t be able to order a cup of coffee at the fucking deli without hearing or seeing me.”

- Lady Gaga, Interview in April 2010 Cosmopolitan magazine

Photo: Kenneth Willardt

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Brew Update: White Sorority DOESN'T Win Step Competition

Well isn't this interesting. Monday, we told you about the white sorority that won the Sprite Step Off competition in Atlanta. Turns out, there was a "scoring discrepancy" that actually caused a tie, instead of an outright winner.

Here's the scoop:
Five days after taking first place in the Sprite Step Off finals in Atlanta this past weekend, the women of Zeta Tau Alpha's Epsilon Chapter from the University of Arkansas learned they would be sharing the spotlight.

Early today, Atlanta-based Coca-Cola Company which sponsors the college step dancing competition announced that due to a scoring discrepancy in the sorority results, the second place winners, the Tau Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc. from Indiana University, would be recognized as co-winners and awarded the same $100,000 prize as Zeta Tau Alpha.

The announcement comes after four days of blog posts and YouTube comments alternating between support for Zeta Tau Alpha's win and those doubting the competition results. At the heart of the debate is race.

So, you be the judge. Here's the Zeta Tau Alpha routine again.

And here's the AKA's routine. (Updated)

What's your call? Who should have won?  Take our poll and drop a comment in the box.

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Brew Funny: Single Ladies… Remixed!


British comedienne Katy Brand put her own spin on Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” routine on the BBC.

Reminds me a lot of this...

Cute.  Get it girls!

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What’s Brewing?

First Vogue makes a site for curvy chicks… now they’ve launched one for Black girls – CocoPerez

Rudy Huxtable feels up her boobs – Yeah... She Said It

Gossip Girl shut down by the “N” word – Global Grind

Freddy Krueger is back to slice yo azz – Oh No They Didn’t!

“Pants On The Ground” takes over Vegas – TMZ

“Precious” gets an Oscar dress… hopefully, there will be shoes included – PopEater

Chris Brown thinks he’s Tiger Woods – Celebuzz

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Brew Tube: Ya Got Spirit? What???

Two teachers are at the center of controversy at a Canadian high school after performing a lap dance during a pep rally.

Students watched and cheered as the male teacher performed a little diddy for the female teacher in the gym. The teachers have been suspended with pay while the school investigates the incident.

Well, times have surely changed. Then again, I went to Catholic school. The nuns weren’t having that.


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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Black “Leaders” Beef Over Obama’s Agenda?

The Rev. Al Sharpton and Tavis Smiley exchanged some heated debate this morning on Sharpton's radio show.  The two got into some he-said, he-said stuff about whether President Obama should specifically focus on a “Black agenda.” The exchange got personal when Rev. Al told Tavis not to talk to him like he’s stupid or distort him. At the crux of the whole debate is whether our president should have a decidedly "Black" agenda that focuses on programs to help African-Americans (Black folks…. however you prefer to identify). Take a listen…

Here's the New York Times article they're squabbling about, BTW.  So, what’s your call? Should Pres. Obama have a Black agenda?

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Would You Rock It?: Kobe Bryant’s Hyperdunks

Kobe Bryant jumps over Aston Martins, so why not make a shoe for the rest of us who’ll never see an Aston Martin on our blocks?

Nike is releasing a limited edition “Kobe Bryant Aston Martin Edition Hyperdunks” shoe in honor of that viral commercial. The shoes have a chrome and metallic silver finish with red leather on the inside. The leather is meant to mimic the leather inside the car.

It’s rumored that only 500 pairs of these shoes will be sold. Ah, but here’s the catch. The shoes are $700. Yes, $700. Pick your mouth up. Anyway, the shoes ship in May and you can order yours here.

So, would you rock it?


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Brew Tube: LisaRaye’s Reality Show [Sneak Peek]

LisaRaye’s reality show won’t air for more than a month, but she’s already out promoting it. Actually, she’s been promoting this thing her whole career really. Don’t you feel like her life is for the cameras? But, I digress cuz I do kinda like her… here’s a peek.

Catch “The Real McCoy” on TV One, April 8th at 10 pm (ET).

I’m not even gonna ask will you watch it.

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No, Kelly Ripa. Noooo!

I’ve always believed a tattoo of your significant other’s name or likeness usually spells t-h-e  e-n-d for your relationship. There’s just something about ink and permanence that tends to out-live a lot of unions, then you're left with that painful reminder of the ex. That’s why I got a little case of the sads when I saw Kelly Ripa tattooed her fine azz husband’s last name on her wrist.

Mark Consuelos and Kelly have been married 13 years. Kelly, I’m hoping you’ll be the exception to the rule on this one. I can’t take no more break-ups.

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Brew Quotes: Love Handles Saved My Life!

"I could have been dead. They said my love handles saved my life. I want to be as big as I can if it's going to stop a bullet."

-Lynn Frazier, The Florida woman shot in her “love handles” while at an Atlantic City bar on Saturday. Police say she was an innocent bystander.

AP Photo


Because “Fat” People Couldn’t Possibly Be Fashionable…

Italian Vogue launched a new website called “Vogue Curvy.”  Ya know, for the thick’ems. Cuz heaven forbid we be included in the pages of any fashion magazine on a regular basis.
(*insert sarcastic sigh and eyeroll here*)

Anyway, the website features photos and videos of famous plus-sized models and celebs (or, Curvy Icons as the site calls them). “Vogue Curvy” also gives daily fashion suggestions and “how to wear” guides for the “glam and curvy,” plus links to fashion and accessories trends seen in Vogue.

Meh! I get that Vogue is trying to teach us "thick in the hips" types how to dress ourselves and all, but thanks... I'm doing okay in that arena.  Plus, I’m kinda over this whole singling-out stuff. Women are women. Designers need to learn how to dress us all.  Period.


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Amber Rose Channels Grace Jones

Finally, one of these new Brewchies openly channels Grace Jones… after years of these little hip hop starlets' biting Grace's androgyny-meets-lady style. Rihanna does it. Kelis did it a bit and Amber Rose surely does it. Well, for Kanye West’s revamp of his website, he posted this pic of Amber hitting the old school pose from Grace’s “Island Life” album cover.

Also, Kanye flipped the background design for his site from black to white. I don’t know if this means Kanye’s going for a kindler, gentler approach or what. But the pic is hot.

And just for the hell of it… here’s a throwback Grace Jones video. Consider this my service for Black History Month.

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Brew Bits: Snoop Hit By The Tax Man

Bow wow wow, yippy yo yippy yay…pay yo taxes fool. Snoop Dogg is in trouble with Uncle Sam because he didn’t pay more than $598K in back taxes.

Snoop and his wife had a tax lien filed against them earlier this year, accusing them of owing $598,309 to the gubment. Apparently, last April the Chronic-smoka pissed off California’s tax collectors when he racked up debts over $284K. Guess he never paid what was owed.

C’mon Snoop. If we all know one thing for sure, the taxman will cometh!


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Cornball Corner: This Beautifulest Bamma

You know when you watch the news and hold your breath when you hear a crime story in the hopes that the alleged perpetrator is not a part of the "Darker Nation"? Then when you see the grainy survelliance footage or mugshot showing a white or hispanic guy, you exhale and feel better about your life? Well, this is one of those times. 17-year-old Caitlin Igham and this 21-year-old cornball, Kristopher Santillo, were arrested after a string of bank robberies over the past two weeks in Dartmouth. When cops caught up to the two, they were in a motel room with Santillo's girlfriend just two minutes away from one of the robbery scenes. The 17-year-old tried to say three black men forced her to go all "Set If Off" but police didn't believe her. Both are in jail. I know Stevie said he believed chulrren are our future, but if that's the case we are so focked!



Brew Tube: The View Is Not Feeling This Situation


It's safe to say that Joy Behar is not feeling the Italians (and pseudo-Italians) of MTV's "Jersey Shore." The cast made a stop to The View's couches and you can see Behar's hate all up in her body language... by the time she started grilling them on their Plan B options after reality TV, I was done. Hilarious!




Clips via Jezebel

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